MHMD project


Position : Researcher (Full-Time)

Place : University of Athens CryptoSec Group - Blockchain Technology Lab.

Salary : 1400-1900 EUR per month depending on qualifications.

For information contact: Aggelos Kiayias, with subject MHMD position.

Main objective :

study, research and develop  a blockchain system that supports

privacy preserving data processing techniques (that include anonymization, secure

multiparty computation, differential privacy). Desired skills :

- databases & data management

- distributed processing

- understanding of cryptography, blockchain systems, computer security considerations.

- Web API development (REST) and related authentication/authorization

technologies (e.g., Oauth2.0 / OpenID Connect / token based authorization)

Description of Project.

The MyHealthMyData  (MHMD) project will introduce a distributed, peer-to-peer architecture,

based on blockchain technology that will change the way  relationships between people, hospitals,

research centres and businesses in the medical sector operate. It aims at the

first open biomedical information network centered on the connection between organisations and

the individual. The project will offer a comprehensive methodology

to guide the implementation of data and identity protection systems,

specifically defining approaches and tools to profile and classify

sensitive medical data.  The researcher will work closely with researchers

at the Crypto.Sec group ( and the ATHENA centre

and will focus on the security aspects of the project. The MHMD project

brings together 15 partners in a European wide network that includes hospitals,

universities and research centres.